Share UWP Information

Information classified as Unrestricted within Princeton may be freely shared throughout the University community, or with others when necessary for a specific business purposes.  In either case, the rules below apply.

Rules for Sharing UWP Information

When to Share

Anytime within Princeton; Outside to meet a legitimate business need

With Whom Anyone within Princeton; Others as needed, with the recipient's agreement not to re-disclose the information without University consent
How to Share All sharing methods permitted
Network Options All access methods permitted, including public wifi
Encryption Not required

Your Responsibilities

While UWP information is generally intended to remain within the University, you may share it with outside parties if needed for a legitimate business purpose. The recipient must agree not to re-disclose the information without the University's consent. We encourage you to review the complete Information Security Policy and learn more about your responsibilities.

Have questions? Contact the Help Desk for assistance.