Access UWP Information

Information classified as Unrestricted within Princeton (UWP) may be accessed via both secured and unsecured Princeton networks. That being said, UWP information is generally designated for use within the University and care should be taken to prevent broader access or dissemination.

Device Requirements

Devices used to access UWP information must have strong device protections, including password-protection. Encryption is recommended, but not required.

Network Connection Options

On Campus
  • Wired Network: Secure, on-campus access to the network in your office or dorm
  • Eduroam: Instant, secure access to the Princeton wireless network at participating institutions and on campus
  • PU Visitor: Temporary, unsecured access to the wireless network for visitors
Off Campus

Your Responsibilities

UWP information may be freely shared among those within the University community. Except when needed for legitimate business purposes, steps should be taken to prevent access beyond those bounds. We encourage you to review the complete Information Security Policy and learn more about your responsibilities.

Have questions? Contact the Help Desk for assistance.