Unrestricted within Princeton (UWP)


Protection Level: Medium

Information designated as Unrestricted within Princeton (UWP) includes anything intended to be freely shared among members of the University community. 

Summary: Handling UWP Information

UWP information is neither Restricted nor Confidential—however, you must still take care to protect it, and to prevent unauthorized access by those who are not Princeton students, faculty, or employees.

Store (Data at Rest) Encryption NOT required
Share (Data in Transit) Encryption NOT required
Access Device must be password-protected
Physical (Hard) Copies

Identification: Mark documents as “UWP – Unrestricted within Princeton”; Protection: No requirements

Have Questions? Suspect a Compromise?

If you suspect that UWP information may have been compromised, report your concern to the Help Desk. The Help Desk is also available to assist with any questions concerning the proper classification of Princeton information.


  • Course descriptions in the Employee Learning Center
  • Web-based resources designed for University use
  • University ID number