Laptop / Desktop Encryption

Encryption is a powerful way to protect Princeton information stored on your computer. Seamless and unobtrusive once installed, it converts the information on your hard drive into a format unreadable without an access key. This reduces the risk of Restricted or Confidential information being exposed.

Protecting Princeton Information on Your Laptop or Desktop

Note that unless required for a legitimate business purpose, members of the Princeton community are forbidden from collecting, using, or storing Restricted, personally identifiable information on their devices.

Encryption Requirements

Any laptop or desktop purchased with University funds must be encrypted. Additionally, encryption requirements apply to any machine that stores Restricted or Confidential information for legitimate business purposes.

How to Encrypt Your Device

  • Recommended: Request encryption from your Departmental SCAD/DCS representative, or contact the Service Desk at 609-258-4357(HELP) option #1. These parties can also retrieve your stored encryption recovery key.
  • Users with administrative privileges: View instructions for Windows or Mac OS X devices. 
  • Linux users: Encryption should be installed during the system set-up process.

Not sure if your machine is encrypted? Follow these steps to find out.

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