Google Drive

Your Princeton Google Drive is a secure solution that supports collaboration among students, faculty, and staff. With cloud-based access to your files both on- and off-campus, it's a convenient way to work and share.

Approved Classification Levels

Information stored on Google Drive is automatically encrypted. In fact, Princeton worked with Google directly to create highly secure accounts for anyone in the campus community. This makes Google Drive a preferred option for information that must be encrypted when stored.

Note that Google Drive may NOT be used to store Restricted information. Please review these Google Apps usage rules for complete details regarding information that may not be housed on the Drive.

Setting Up Your Google Drive

Princeton undergraduates are given a Google Drive account automatically. Faculty, staff, and graduate students can request an account by following these directions. Once your Drive is set up, you can access it from any device by visiting

Security: Limiting Access to Your Google Drive

When using Google Drive, exercise the same care in protecting Princeton information as you would when using any other storage method. When being used to share information, Princeton Google Drive accounts offer options to limit access to specific individuals, or to those within the Princeton community. In addition, you can specify whether an individual can view, edit, or share a file.

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