Billions of emails are generated every day. That being the case, it may seem like a safe way to share information. However, this isn't always so. 

Sharing University Information Via Email

In general, email should only be used for the sharing of information classified as Public. Email exchanged between Princeton and any outside organization is insecure, as the message and its attachments are delivered in a format that can easily be read by anyone with access to the computers or network through which it travels.

Sharing of information classified as Unrestricted within Princeton (UWP) between two Princeton email addresses is permitted—with a word of caution. While Princeton's email system is encrypted and secure, messages can still be forwarded to off-campus accounts insecurely.

Restricted or Confidential information should never be shared via email. To send or receive this information, use one of Princeton's secure file sharing services.

How to Use It

Your University email account is activated when you are assigned your netID. Visit the KnowledgeBase for additional information about activating and managing your account.

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