Share Information

Protected information should only be shared to meet a legitimate business need and in keeping with its classification level. The University provides tools specifically designed to help you share Princeton information safely. 

Encryption Requirements

Restricted Information must be encrypted
Confidential Information must be encrypted
Unrestricted within Princeton Encryption recommended, but NOT required
Public Encryption recommended, but NOT required

Sharing Tools

Send Files Securely
  • Restricted / Confidential: Required
  • Restricted / Confidential: NOT PERMITTED
  • Unrestricted within Princeton: Recommended for sharing between Princeton email addresses only
  • Public: Permitted

Your Responsibilities

1 Do not divulge, copy, release, sell, alter, or destroy information unless necessary.
2 Contact the Office of General Counsel prior to disclosure for legal purposes.
3 Contact the appropriate office prior to disclosure to regulatory agencies, inspectors, examiners, and/or auditors.

We encourage you to review the complete Information Security Policy and learn more about your responsibilities.

Have questions? Contact the Help Desk for assistance.