Password Requirements

Passwords are a first line of defense in protecting Princeton information.  When combined with strong device protection and other tools like encryption, passwords help prevent unauthorized access to information while safeguarding your personal privacy.

Password Requirements

Devices used to access information classified as Restricted, Confidential, or Unrestricted within Princeton must be password-protected. The University's password policy allows for a password that is between 16 and 256 characters.  There is no complexity requirement (e.g., including specials characters or symbols), and spaces are supported. For more about creating long, strong, and unique passwords, visit the Information Security Office's Password page.  

How to Safeguard Your Passwords

A single breach can compromise the entire Princeton network. When managing your passwords, keep these best practices in mind.

Use strong passwords or passphrases Passwords or passphrases should be easy to remember for you, but difficult for others to guess. The Information Security Office (ISO) strongly recommends the use of passphrases, which are a series of random words strung together or even a unique sentence.  Visit the ISO website for examples.
Mix it up Use different ID and password combinations on different sites.
Never share If you need to share access to information with another individual, review this information about sending files securely and see a list of alternatives to sharing passwords.
Choose password managers wisely Systems that secure your password list in an encrypted file have become popular. Princeton University has partnered with LastPass to supply complimentary LastPass password management accounts to students, faculty, and staff. 

Princeton's Central Authentication Service (CAS)

CAS powers secure access across a range of web-based University applications, safeguarding your identity and credentials, while restricting access to information and licensed programs. 

Need to change your CAS password? Visit the Princeton Service Portal.

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