Access Information

You play a role in keeping our information secure by taking steps to access it safely. The resources in this section will help you understand your network options both on and off campus.

Access Rules by Classification Type

Devices used to access information classified as Restricted, Confidential, or Unrestricted within Princeton must be password-protected. Devices storing Restricted information must also be encrypted.

Network Connection Options

You must connect to the network securely when sharing, storing, or accessing Restricted or Confidential information.


Eduroam &

wired network


Restricted, Confidential, Unrestricted within Princeton, Public

Campus wireless and wired networks

PUvisitor (Unsecured) Public

Temporary, unsecured access to the wireless network for visitors.


Accessing Information: Your Responsibilities

1 Only access information when you have a legitimate business need.
2 Safeguard against unauthorized access.

We encourage you to review the complete Information Security Policy and learn more about your responsibilities.

Have questions? Contact the Service Desk for assistance.