Protection Level: Low

Public information includes any information intended to be freely shared or disclosed inside or outside of the University. As such, it is subject to the least number of restrictions.

Summary: Handling Public Information

Store (Data at Rest) Encryption NOT required. All storage options available through the University are permitted.
Share (Data in Transit) Encryption NOT required. Information may be shared with anyone, at any time.
Access All access methods permitted, including public wifi. Device passwords are NOT required, but are recommended.
Physical (Hard) Copies

Identification: Mark copies "Publicly Available"; Protection: No requirements

Your Responsibilities

Information classified as Public is subject to minimal protection requirements. However, you are always encouraged to keep security in mind when handling Princeton information of any kind. For Public information, this may include limiting access to source documents, or backing up your personal intellectual property.

Have Questions?

If you have questions or are unsure how to classify your information, the Help Desk is available to assist.


  • Public-facing campus directories
  • Course offerings
  • Press releases
  • Departmental websites