Access Confidential Information

Confidential information should be accessed with safety in mind, protecting its integrity and preventing access by those without a legitimate need to use it. Below you will find both device requirements and network options appropriate for this classification type.

Device Requirements

Devices used to access information classified as Confidential must be password-protected.

Network Connection Options

The wired campus network affords the highest level of security, and is the preferred choice when accessing Confidential information on campus. Regardless of your location, you must use a secured network for this classification type. As such, use of PUWireless or PUVisitor are not permitted.

On Campus
  • Wired Network: On-campus access to the network in your office or dorm
  • Eduroam: Instant access to the Princeton wireless network at participating institutions and on campus
Off Campus

Your Responsibilities

When accessing Confidential information, take care to prevent unauthorized access by using a secured network at all times. We encourage you to review the complete Information Security Policy and learn more about your responsibilities.

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