Members of the Princeton community have a right to privacy, which is outlined in the University's IT Policy. This policy governs the University's right to access files, while specifying:

  • Degrees of privacy for students and employees
  • Expectations for supervisors with access to employees' personal files
  • Disclosures related to information backup and storage
  • The University's obligations in the event of subpoena or legal proceedings

How It Applies

It is the responsibility of each individual to review and be aware of these guidelines. In addition, those handling protected student information must handle it in accordance with FERPA regulations.

Privacy and Research

Princeton maintains high ethical standards to promote responsible and ethical research, including the protection of subjects' rights, safety, and wellbeing. The Office of Research Integrity and Assurance, home to the Human Research Protection Program and Institutional Review Board (IRB), safeguards human subjects in accordance with all applicable laws and policies. 

Report a Concern

The EthicsPoint hotline offers a simple and confidential way to report ethics or privacy concerns, as well as possible noncompliance with government / external agency regulations and Princeton policies.

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