The federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) governs the privacy of and students' access to their educational records. FERPA outlines the requirements for handling student information that may be subject to state or federal laws governing its use or disclosure.

Student Information Protected under FERPA

  • Academic information, including application materials, tests, question booklets, attendance and absence records, and departmental information
  • Health or medical information
  • Financial information, including records related to eligibility for financial aid
  • Information about almost any aspect of student lives

How It Applies

Anyone who uses or has access to student information must be aware of the policies governing its protection, including requirements related to its disclosure and record-keeping. Protected information may not be disclosed without written student permission, except in the case of specific exceptions, including legal subpoenas or health emergencies.

Report a Concern

Think protected student information may have been compromised? Contact the Help Desk immediately at 258-HELP.

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